Top 3 Reasons to Use Invisalign

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Many people, especially adults, may have given up their hopes for a straighter smile because they don’t want to be wearing traditional metal braces. For the past decade, there has been an alternative method of straightening teeth, called Invisalign. Now most people associate these teeth liners as an expensive chore but this article will shed light on the reasons why you should consider Invisalign as your go-to procedure for straighter teeth.


Cosmetics is a major factor as to why people choose to wear Invisalign. People are drawn to Invisalign because of the cosmetic factor. The clear, custom aligners can straighten teeth and can improve the look of a person’s smile. The aligners are barely noticeable, and it can give teens and adults more confidence knowing that people will not be distracted by their teeth straightening system. Additionally, the aligners can easily be removed for special occasions.


The smooth, plastic custom aligners cause less pain and discomfort than metal wires and brackets. Metal braces put a lot of pressure on teeth, gums, and the jaw. Once the person gets used to wearing the aligners, they are usually painless. Choosing Invisalign also means fewer trips to the dentist. Traditionally, with metal braces, it is a trip to the dentist every four to six weeks. With Invisalign, it is the patient who can change their device every two weeks or so. Of course, if the patient is unsure how well they can complete this they are recommended to schedule an appointment with their orthodontist.

Oral Health

The Invisalign trays are removable. The trays can be taken out to eat, floss, and brush teeth without compromising the outcome of straightening. With metal braces, a person needs to be strict with their oral care habits since food particles can become attached to the brackets and wires. Another plus is that a person does not have to give up their favorite foods when they opt for Invisalign.

How Do I Get Invisalign Today?

Selecting Invisalign to straighten your teeth is an important decision and that is why we would like you to take the time to become familiar with our system. Make the call to our Invisalign specialist to have all of your questions answered and say goodbye to crooked teeth for good.


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