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The best dentist reviews Los Angeles residents write, are all for Dr. Zabolian. Here are just a few of the amazing things clients have said…

smile ” >One of LA’s best dentists; professional, compassionate, thorough and dedicated to dental health. He explained the procedure and educated me on how to maintain my brilliant new smile.  Highly recommend visiting him for your dental needs.  Don’t wait until your teeth are damaged to go to the dentist, be proactive and see Dr. Z, at least twice a year for your dental cleaning and exam.

smile ” >This is a really nice dental office! I made an appt a few weeks ago to bring my grandpa in. Without insurance, we needed an office that wouldn’t charge an arm and a leg just for a basic visit. After calling around, this office was pretty comparable. They charge $97 for a basic cleaning and $25 for the x-rays. Not too bad! Aside from being very clean and comfy, the staff was nice. They didn’t get annoyed by grandpas many questions and explained everything very clearly to both of us. My grandpa said the cleaning was a little painful, but hey what dentist visit is 100% pain-free?! It was bearable though. I made an appt for myself to go back in a few weeks. So far, I really like this dental office!  Oh yeah, they’re also open till 2pm on Saturdays. Even better!

smile ” >You simply cannot be lucky enough to find a more gentle, caring, professional, and skilled dentist anywhere. My experience with Dr. Zabolian was the best experience I’ve ever had with any dentist–he explained everything to me using high-tech, state-of-the-art imaging technology; he was honest and straightforward; extremely conscious of my financial constraints; and incredibly effective at addressing my issue without forcing me into unnecessary dental work. You don’t come across people like this, let alone dentists or any physicians, very often at all.  I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Zabolian, my dentist for life and my recommendation to all my friends and family.

smile ” > Just moved back to LA and my old dentist retired.  After some research I found Dr. Zabolian.  I’ve become leery of dentists, as my experience is that they are always trying to “up sell” you procedures that you don’t necessarily need.  Not the case here.  The normal set of X-rays were taken, we discussed my history, he was very complimentary of my prior work and my personal oral hygiene.  The cleaning was so pain free that I started to doze off.  Once done, I had a lovely conversation with the Dr. and his receptionist and off I went with my 6 month appt. in hand.  Give Dr. Z a try!

smile ” >I’m so lucky i found Dr. Zabolian. I came here for a filling a few months ago. First of all, the office is so nice and clean, very chic. There was really cool music playing, like Coldplay (not weird dentist music you know?)  they even had a separate table for my bag!! That really made my day, because I never know where to put it!! The X-rays were so fast and digital, all the equipment was really cool and up to date. Anyways, the staff was super friendly with smiles on their faces, and Dr. Z has really good bedside manner. He’s a really calm and relaxed guy and he doesn’t talk too much when he has his fingers in my mouth. You know what I mean? I hate when dentist talk to me when THEY KNO W I can’t answer. My filling felt great the next day and I was really happy with my overall dentist experience!

smile ” > A dentist with 5 stars on yelp?  Seemed kinda fishy to me…. So here I am after 2 scalings and a tooth extraction from seriously painful and infected gums and I am STILL  giving Dr. Zabolian 5 stars. This office is top notch.  Dr. Z is kind, honest and sweet with a very gentle hand and calm demeanor.  He is not an alarmist and as another Yelper stated, does not make you feel horrible even if your teeth are.  He also gives you all options and seems to care about making everything affordable.  The ladies in the office are sweet as can be, too.  I even got a call to see how I was feeling after my tooth extraction. The office is immaculate, parking is easy, and Dr. Z does the cleanings himself. I was in for an appt. today and asked the office if they knew of a notary in the area.  They didn’t.  I left and walked down the hall to the elevator only to see Dr. Z running down the hallway to catch me.    He had a printout in his hand from a local notary he Yelped for me.  Yeah, my dentist rocks.

smile ” >Amazing dentist… I’ve been to some bad dentists in my day and finally I feel that I found one that knows what he’s doing and doesn’t overcharge. Was easy to get an appointment and I didn’t wait too long before being seen. Highly recommended!

smile ” >I work a pretty high pressure sale job, and am pretty conscious about my appearance and how my teeth look. I have been in twice for whitening and both experiences were great. I was able to get WiFi while there, and didn’t really have to skip work at all since I worked from my phone while I waited for my teeth to whiten. Dr. Zabolian took the time to chat with me before the first the first time I got them whitened, and chose a process that wouldn’t cause damage over time to my teeth and gums since I do tend to get the whitened fairly often. I plan to go in again just before my sisters wedding, and bring her with me so we’ll both have great smiles on the big day! If you’re like me and pretty picky about how your smile looks or would like it to be a little brighter for a special occasion, this is definitely the place to check out!

smile ” > I never had to wear braces as a kid but as my wisdom teeth came in, they pushed my front teeth together weirdly and my two front teeth overlapped. I was recommended by my coworker to Dr. Zabolian, and I cannot put into words how awesome he is. I was not sure what I wanted to do because I am scared of wisdom teeth removal, especially since I just had moved to that area and did not know a lot of people to drive me there and back after the procedure. Anyways, Dr. Zabolian, went over everything with me before hand and even recommended me a transportation service. The surgery went fine and now I am going to go in to straighten my teeth! hopefully I can get away with doing invisalign! fingers Crossed 😉

smile ” >
I just had 3 hours of work done with Dr Zabolian. It was actually a pleasant experience. He does beautiful work and his assistant is amazing. She even massaged my jaw when she saw that I had pain there. Will recommend highly to all my friends.

smile ” >I have been going to Dr. Zabolian for my regular check up  for the past year or so and have always been satisfied with the care they provide. Earlier this week they went above and beyond when it comes to customer service and looking after their patients. I cracked my tooth on a random pit when eating out at a restaurant (I’ll never look at olives the same way again). It was intensely painful and I called the dentists office as soon as I got home, and barely slept at all that night. First thing the next morning Alma called me and had an appointment ready to go to have the Dr. take a look. I ended up having to get a crown put on the tooth, and I can’t say how happy I was to have the whole thing fixed so quickly. Great dentist!

smile ” > Just like many people my age, I don’t have dental insurance so going to the dentist is something I have avoided.  However, I’m getting older and my teeth are getting yellower so I visited Dr. Z after doing a little research on yelp.  I definitely recommend this office.  It’s clean, modern and pretty chill.  But most importantly, the price was great!

smile ” >Dr. Z is the nicest most humble dentist out there! He is so gentle with his patients and I had the pleasure of meeting him over lunch one day. He took care of my dental needs immediately, and provided the best care and advice at a time of need. I almost felt like he treated me like family. Professional and honest. Hard to find that these days.

smile ” > My first time giving a review here. Had to head home for a wedding and decided to get a cleaning and whitening. Where do I begin…My experience here was great. Office is welcoming and Dr. Z is very professional and easy going. He let me hook up my iPhone on his WiFI so I could use my Watch ESPN App while waiting for the whitening to complete.  Made the experience enjoyable actually.  He caters to his customers needs and followed up with me personally a day later to see how my experience was.  I’m not from LA originally, but I now know who my personal dentist will be from this point on while I live here. I will definately be returning soon for a follow-up appointment. Highly recommended for any dental work, cleanings, whitenings, etc!!!!

smile ” >It’s been almost 5 years since I last gone to a dentist. I knew it was a visit long over due and that my teeth was in serious need of check up and cleaning. Part of me was in denial not wanting to find out how bad my teeth was, and part of me just hate going to the dentist. I found Dr. Zabolian via Yelp. It was walking distance from where I lived. I had called in advance for a same day appointment and when I arrived he was ready to go. I had two fillings, one to fix a chip and the other to replace an older filling, and then I also had a deep cleaning. Even without shots, I felt little to no pain. He was gentle, meticulous, and very patient. And as bad of condition my teeth was in having not gone to dentist for 5 years, he didn’t make me feel horrible about it. He was honest, explained my options clearly, and didn’t rush me into any decisions. I felt very comfortable, and I had asked him to include a teeth whitening session which he agreed to and scheduled me for a next-day appointment. I’ve never had teeth whitening done before. My teeth feels clean and it looks as bright as ever. It is a night and day difference from when I first walked in. Thank you Dr. Zabolian, and I’ll see you in 6 months!

My Experience Rating:
Location: 5/5
Wait: 5/5
Hours: 5/5
Parking: 5/5
My Convenience Rating: A

– Professional and highly skilled dentist.
– Located in a high-rise medical building, just outside of DTLA.
– Building has its own garage parking structure.
– No wait.
– Can’t really think of any.
Tip: Office is located on the 9th floor.

Tip: Call in advance, and they will provide you with parking instructions.

Bottom Line: Highly recommended. If you dread going to the dentist, Dr. Zabolian will fix that.

smile ” >
going to Dr Zabolian turned out to be one of my most pleasant dentist experiences yet. He’s really friendly, with a gentle hand and an amazing staff behind him. I have since sent 2 of my brothers to him and they were just as happy. I needed 2 root canals, which he did for me without a ridiculous delay like at other dentists. Best of all the procedures were both really comfortable and virtually painless! I highly recommend him!

smile ” >i worked with Dr. Z a while ago. He is well educated and well skilled. I always had a fear for dentists, but he is very smooth and quick. Thank you and see you in 6 month.

smile ” >Dr. Z is the most professional and courteous dentist I have ever met.   I highly recommend him! I recently moved downtown and made the mistake of going to my new insurance provided dentist, Universal Care Dental, for a routine cleaning. Three appointments with them later, I ended up with a root canal and still no cleaning.  After my root canal, they refused to see me within a month for my crown which I found unacceptable. Thankfully, I found Dr. Z. As soon as I made the call, I knew that I would receive great service.  I spoke to him directly and quickly received an appointment. Upon my arrival, I was seen immediately.   He clearly explained all of my options and did not try to talk me into unnecessary work.  He offered me an extremely reasonable price for my crown and even threw in a free cleaning. His greatest attributes are his responsiveness and willingness to work with you.  As a physician, he was especially accommodating of my schedule which I greatly appreciated.  He is extremely kind and most importantly, honest. I know that I received high quality work at a very fair price.

smile ” >I have had a temporal fear of dentists that was unbelievable! Before going to Alan Zabolian I was likely to faint at the chance of overhearing discussions of dental work around the proverbial water cooler. I took a chance with the great discount mailer and called him. He saw me right away. These are the adjectives I can list so far, kind, professional, gental, communicative, fast, responsive, positive, affordable and attentive. My cleaning and x-rays were completed rapidly and he set out a reasonable course of action for my future work. I was put at ease and remarkably my fear of dentists was washed away. About a week later one of my teeth broke while I was at work. He responded rapidly and had me in his office to repair my tooth rapidly early the next morning saving me plenty of time to get to work. I am impressed with him because he does not try to sell me unnecessary work, he listens well to what I want, and is interested in me keeping my teeth healthy. My next visit was for fillings of cavities. He worked fast and I had absolutely no fear of the drill.  It might sound a bit much to say, however I feel this is a life changing experience. As I was completely debilitated by my fear of dentists before and Alan Zabolian is the best dentist to go to. I highly recommend him. Thank you!

smile ” >I discovered Dr. Zabolian when I was in LA for a conference.  After i landed, I had a severe toothache and didn’t have any dental connections in California,.  So I jumped on Yelp. His office was conveniently  located near my conference, and his office manager fit me in as an emergency case.  My problem was not just a cavity.  I actually needed a root canal.  Luckily for me, he is also does endodontic work.  The procedure was relatively painless and now I’m a happy girl.  Whenever I go to LA,  Dr. Z is my dentist.

smile ” >I’m new to the Downtown L.A. area and was having A LOT of pain and swelling in one of my gums and found it almost unbearable to bite. Luckily I found Dr. Zabolian because he saved my life! All other dentists in the area were fully booked and luckily I was able to be seen as a walk-in. The staff was beyond friendly and definitely showed high levels of professionalism. The office was super clean thankfully. The staff were able to calm me down since I was freaking out over my pain. I didn’t even have to wait long to see the Dr. They took X-rays and he determined that my already filled tooth was decayed and that was causing the pain and swelling because it had become infected. He said I would be needing the dreaded two words: ROOT CANAL. Luckily the procedure didn’t take long and my recovery was so quick. I love this Dr. Because you can tell he really cares.

smile ” >Stopped into this dental office to inquire about Invisalign and was greeted by a very friendly receptionist. The doctor was not available to see me today, but the receptionist immediately offered to work me in the following afternoon. This office is conveniently located near the Wilshire Blvd exit off the 110 near DTLA. They’re in a medical office tower that is well lit, clean, and easy to find. The office itself was neat and orderly and the staff knowledgeable and eager to help. Parking in the area isn’t ideal, however. There is a parking structure that offers paid parking, and while there is ample street parking in the area, it is mostly metered and be careful of street sweeping times. All in all this looks like a great place to go for dental work. The website looks nice and provides some helpful info. I’m definitely planning to schedule a visit!

smile ” >Dr. Zabolian and his very attentive staff, are just first class all the way.  Everyone is very professional  and genuine. I had a Bev Hills dentist trying to overcharge me ( I had two separate verifications that her 3k procedure wasn’t even needed)  and frankly her office seemed dated.  Her reviews on Yelp were terrible. I went to Dr. Zabolian because of the excellent reviews on Yelp and checked references. From the moment you step into his office, though a bit out of the way for me, (just outside Hancock Park) was well worth it. Parking is easy, many Credit Card meters in the area so inexpensive, and a also a parking structure connected to the building if you prefer.  Its an up and coming area with a nice Starbucks and new buildings with a pleasant neighborhood feel. His office is warm yet has state of the art equipment.  He showed me what the other dentist thought was decay, was actually a stain, because he had superior  photographic imaging machines which the other dentist did not. The other doctor wanted to upsell me to the tune of 3k.  This doctor charged me less than $70.00 after insurance.  Then there is the doctor himself.  Extremely gracious, and radiates honesty. He is a younger man with top educational credentials and a true pro. Light music of my choosing off of Itunes, even the spitune was state of the art, I didn’t have to bend over into those dental mini toilet.  He is now my new dentist. Enough of the congested Beverly Hills area, and the over pricing, this man is the real deal.  Thanks Dr. Zabolian.

The office of Alan Zabolian DDS is located in the Samaritan Medical Tower, easily seen from Wilshire Blvd in downtown LA. A parking garage is conveniently located next to the building entrance.

The waiting area is clean and pleasant, with beautiful hardwood floors, comfortable furniture, and art that compliments the decor. The patient areas are well lit, well ventilated, and inviting. The staff are knowledgeable, professional, and speak Spanish.

The office offers a full range of services, including teeth whitening, veneers, cosmetic fillings,
Invisalign, porcelain crowns, root canals, and dental implants.

All PPO insurance is accepted, and third party financing is available.

Appointments are available weekdays from 9am to 6pm and Saturdays 9am to 2pm.

  Dr. Alan Zabolian is a proud member of  
  • American Dental Association
  • California Dental Association logo
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Logo
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • Invisalign 2016 Preferred Provider