How to Maintain Healthy Teeth and Gums

Preventative Dentistry

We all know that saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, well an apple does have lots of great health benefits for your body and your teeth, but it’s not a miracle worker! Maintaining healthy teeth and gums requires not only proper eating habits but most importantly proper oral hygiene habits. Here are a few tips on ways you can take care of those sparkly whites.

Brush and Floss

Of course you need to brush and floss, how else are you going to get rid of stubborn bacteria and plaque? Brushing at least twice a day is recommended, but if you can brush after every meal, even better. As for flossing, this should be done once a day to remove unwanted plaque from between your teeth and promote optimal oral health.

Eat Tooth Cleaning Foods

Eating an apple, raw carrots, celery, and even unsweetened popcorn can have amazing tooth cleaning abilities. For the best possible results, eat one of these foods towards the end of your meal, they are a great toothbrush substitute when you can’t get to the real thing.

Use a Straw

We all do it, we know we’re not suppose to but there we are drinking our usual cup of coffee or dark carbonated beverage. These types of pigmented beverages, although delicious, have a powerful staining ability. Consuming them too often can turn your teeth an unsightly yellow and can lead to teeth decay. Limit your intake and always use a straw to limit the contact your teeth will have with your beverage.

Regular Check-ups

The most important step that many tend to “forget” is regular checkups! The best way to maintain healthy teeth is to meet with your dentist and prevent any issues from forming. Your dentist can provide preventative dentistry and address any issues you may have early!

Contact Samaritan Dental Arts today to schedule your check up appointment. Brushing and flossing are not enough to maintain a healthy smile, you only get one set of permanent teeth; let’s take care of them now!

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