Why Brushing and Flossing are Important

Very few people actually enjoy going to the dentist. While it’s true that having a good dentist makes life easier, it’s even better still to do all you can to make your visits to the doctor sparse and painless. The most effective way to minimize your time in the dental chair is to stay on top of your basic preventative oral care measures.

brushing and flossing


No matter how many time you’ve heard about the importance of brushing, you will hear constant reminders throughout your life. The reason brushing is talked about incessantly is because it’s incredibly important and yet somehow, Americans fail on this issue every day. Consider some sad statistics provided by Crest and the American Dental Association. One in five Americans brush their teeth less than twice a day. That’s less than the minimum recommended amount. 43% of Americans don’t know when it’s time to change their tooth brush, which means almost half of the population is using an ill-dated brush every day. Brushing is not something that should be a chore. Simply use a soft brush, clean at an angle, be sure to work the gums, and take your time. It’s not a race.


Flossing is even worse than brushing for Americans. Only half of Americans floss their teeth once or more a day while 10% say that they never floss at all. Admittedly, flossing is a bit more time consuming and painful than brushing. However, it is crucial that you get into an oral hygiene routine and make flossing a part of it. Getting into this healthy habit removes plaque and unseen bits of food particles. It also helps keep your gums healthy. Start with 18 inches of floss tightly wound around your fingers. Next, curve the floss around your tooth and pull back and forth being sure to work the areas around the gums as well. When you’re ready to move on to the next tooth be sure to use a clean part of the floss. Also, floss comes in several varieties and is typically made of either nylon or PTFE. Nylon uses multiple threads and may shred when used. PTFE is more expensive, but its mono-thread design allows for tough resistance and strength. Either one works just fine. It’s mostly an issue of using whatever you’re comfortable with.

Why Oral Hygiene is Important

You might think that perhaps the most you have on the line in regards to oral hygiene is bad breath, or food in your teeth. The sad reality is that poor dental care can lead to a host of series issues. Gum disease, for example, can escalate into oral cancer, diabetes, or leukemia. In fact, it’s been shown that almost 90% of all systemic diseases have signs in your mouth.

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